8 to CREATE 2018
I was one of the 8 artists invited to participate in 8 to CREATE 2018 at the Link Gallery at the University of Illinois.  Given the short amount of time to produce an artwork I chose a style that was atypical of my work.  The process begins with random, abstract blobs on paper with watercolor.  I then allow the shapes to determine the subject matter.  The shapes are defined by painting and drawing over the abstract shapes with pen and ink. I have named the process, for lack of a better name, “Accidental Pop Art.”  The painting from the event was later titled “Remnants.”

“8 to CREATE is an art event in which 8 artists have 8 hours to create 8 drawings.
The event is open to the public to observe, engage, and participate in the creative process.”
View the completed image: https://www.steampunkgrub.com/remnants
More info about 8 to CREATE: 
Event photos by Jenny Liu.  Additional event photo by Merlissa Merli.