Welcome to The Grub Store!

If you would like to purchase original art, limited editions, art prints, and/or latest art works in person, I occasionally make appearances at local art festivals and pop-up shows.
I also offer art prints and limited-edition items at Nifty Nook in Urbana, IL. I can make pick-up arrangements at Nifty Nook.

Nifty Nook (Upstairs, inside Enchantment Alley)
123 W. Main St. Urbana, IL 61853

Mon Closed; Tue 11am - 6pm; Wed - Sat  11am - 9pm; Sun 1pm - 9pm
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Please check the News & Press page for upcoming events
or connect with me on
Instagram or on Facebook
Upcoming Events: http://steampunkgrub.com/news-events
Instagram: @steampunkgrub

Email: steampunkgrub@gmail.com
To purchase art prints of older works and gift items now, please visit the following online retailers. Appearances of items and prices vary depending on the retailer and their location of production. Please check each store's shipping and VAT policies for international orders. Fulfillment and customer support are provided by the retailers.

Redbuble has more up-to-date items:
Limited items available at Society6: