“The Pecking Order”

4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) Each
The Pecking Order is a fictional, avian rock band, whose members' strong personalities have caused dysfunctional relationships and eventually a break up of the band.  The band has reunited and is attempting, once again, to work through the differences and record a new album. However, much internal strife has caused delays in the album's release date.
The lead guitarist of The Pecking Order feels the band lacks discipline.
“I’d like to think that I bring the band to the next level by focusing on the bigger picture and not just on one particular song.”
-- Lead Guitarist
Front bird and lead vocalist denies rift between the band members.
“I welcome collaboration, but it’s difficult to collaborate if I’m the only one coming up with ideas.”
-- Front Bird & Lead Vocalist
The drummer of the band is skeptical about the band’s reunion.
So much egos in this band.
-- Drummer